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Houston Chronicle ( - August 24, 2019 - Massive Party Gives Hope To Houston's Homeless Community

It was a great honor  to be the headlining performer for Houston Hope For Homeless.

"Pastor Patrick Williams of Overflow Church and his wife, Marilyn, organized the event with the help of more than 100 volunteers — answering the call to serve the homeless that Marilyn first heard about 12 years ago." 

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The Anguillian Newspaper - April 8, 2019 - Moonsplash 2019 An Amazing Story Of Recovery

"Of the many Sunday evening highlights, Olaide Banks, son of Bankie a pastor and Christian recording artiste in his own right, literally took the Moonsplash audience to church, performing his captivating inspirational single “Story of My Life” – and upbeat reggae offering “I’m Blessed” earning multiple encore requests."         

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The Anguillian Newspaper - January 28, 2019 - Olaide Banks Extends The Banks' Musical Legacy

"Anguilla’s own Olaide Banks embraces the musical legacy established by his father, Bankie Banx, and defines his own space in The Gospel music arena."   

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The Jamaica Star Newspaper - January 25, 2019 - Olaide Banks Reaches Out To Caribbean Musicians With The Gospel

"Olaide has remained ­relatively low-key on the creative side of the business, co-writing with other recording artistes over the years.  But in 2018, he recorded and released a project that spoke authentically to where he is from."

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Music Reviews


“Story of My Life is the song you’d play for someone you love, if you only had 4 minutes left and you wanted them to find meaning in the trials of life. Simple, evocative, and powerful."

Excerpt from review of "Story of My Life"

"I don't even have words to describe how awesome this single is.  The lyrics, the music... all stellar. Encouraging, uplifting, everything you want a Christian track to be."

Excerpt from review of "Story of My Life"

"The song’s main melody is of a tender acoustic register, with sparse notes of accentuation throughout. Banks’ soulful vocal tonality complements the melody’s brightness, and blends well within the context of the instrumentation." 

Excerpt from review of "Story of My Life" 4.3/5 Stars

"One of the greatest allures of “Story of My Life,” is the emotional transparency that Olaide Banks puts on display. Banks doesn’t just sing about holiness, you can sense he truly wants to be close to God. The song is testimony of how Jesus can make you shine in our dark world."

Excerpt from Rick Jamm of on "Story of My Life"

“Story of My Life” isn’t just music for the sake of music, but worship from the heart. There is also an authentic and resonant quality to Bank’s voice that will bring you a little closer to the heart of God. The sheer depth of his voice and passion in his heart are on full display here."

VMS Independent Music News Headlines on "Story of My Life"

"Although he is a newcomer to the CCM scene, his deep-seated sense of spiritual and personal songwriting will earn him respect within the industry. “Story of My Life” explores how God’s love has covered him from morning to nightfall, and that His promises are true." on "Story of My Life"

"I'm glad this song was a live recording because you get to feel not only Olaide Banks' passion for music, but also the band's passion as well.  This song is composed beautifully and the live delivery is outstanding."

 Excerpt from Jay Creed of on "Story of My Life" (Live Version)

Olaide Banks EPK_cc.png



What people said about the

"All The Colors" album release concert:

"The experience was amazing."

"Far beyond my expectations."

"The total package."


Olaide Banks is an artist and attorney, who currently lives in Houston, Texas.


He is a practicing attorney and Corporate Fellow in the MBA Program at the University of Houston Downtown.

Prior to releasing his debut EP, "The Story" in 2018, he worked exclusively behind the scenes in the music industry in artist development, songwriting and management.

Mr. Banks is also a national lecturer with Halfmoon Seminars in the areas of construction and contract law.

He serves in several community education programs, including the Kingdom Builders' Construction Contractor's College at Windsor Village UMC. He is board member of Eyes On Me, Inc. - a Houston-based non-profit serving at risk children in predominantly low income communities.

Mr. Banks is available as a keynote speaker on the topic of "Strategic Excellence" for small and medium-sized businesses.

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