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I am a Christian. 


A Christ follower.  I believe that Jesus, the Christ, was sent by God the Father and walked the earth as a man. I also believe that Jesus has provided us the path to salvation, wholeness and reconciliation.

The lessons in the Bible, when taken in totality and in context, provide us with a blueprint for a life of joy and value.

Faith without works is dead.


The Bible is clear that our faith cannot be separated from our actions.  If we are not actively seeking and promoting social justice for underserved and marginalized people, then we can't truly say that we're walking in God's will.


I live out my faith by serving churches, community groups and organizations in different ways. These include leading worship, performing at concerts, speaking at conferences and advising on strategic issues.


I am passionate about seeing men engage with their families, actively building a legacy of faith.  I'm also passionate about shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked positive images of black families who are contributing to their community.

Teaching The Word!
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